VECTOR.rotate is a simplistic, minimalistic 2.5D rhythm game that was created for the 2015 Global Game Jam. Developed using the Unity game engine; it offers an experience focused on the main mechanic, with UI elements and design based around the underlying music.

The Game

The game is based around a laid back dance soundtrack, where the player must rotate the shape around the outline. Every 4 beats (every bar) of the music, the shape is regenerated. For every shape that’s matched up each bar, the player gains a point. After each section the music will increase in complexity as well as the shape.

The game was recently published on the Google Play storefront.

Further development of the game will bring forth new features, game modes and music, paving the way for an eventual multi-platform release.


The free version of the game can be found on Google Play HERE.

The full version can be found HERE.


To allow for deployment to other platforms (iOS, Steam etc), I will highly appreciate funding in the form of donations, available below:




Music – Ben Weatherill

Code – Daniel Stroud

Code (Game Jam Prototype) – Ashley Bass

Code (Game Jam Prototype) – Oliver Vlaytchev