Ritual Retreat is a pixel-art 2D survival game that was created for the 2016 Global Game Jam. The game was developed using Unity 5 and was designed to use randomly generated resources that can aid the player’s survival.

The Game

The game was planned to place the player in the middle of a forest. Kidnapped by devilish cultists, the player must escape to avoid being sacrificed. To do this, the player was planned to gather resources and materials to build traps for the cultists, as well as create fires, which would draw attention from the authorities to come to the player’s rescue.

Due to the time constraints of the game jam the game is incomplete and remains in a prototype state.

The prototype build of the game as well as all source files and assets can be found HERE.




Music – Jamie Samsom

Code/Art – Daniel Stroud

Code – Ghulaam Ellahi

Code/Art – Lewis Farrell

Code/Art – Yean Ha