Punchtastic is an upcoming 2D platformmer/beat ’em up/boss battler with a retro aesthetic. The game is designed in the vein of old arcade games but with a modern and updated twist. The game is currently proposed for a multi-platform release including PC, consoles and mobile devices.

The Game

As a man with the singular skill of punching, you don’t tend to have a very good time holding down a job. Bouncing from job-to-job your aim is to make the most of each unfortunate employment situation and make your way out of work as destructively as possible. With the ability to throw and smash items and use them to your advantage, every job is your playground; at least until you meet the boss!

This game is not complete and is currently under development.



This game supports the use of an Xbox 360 Gamepad as well as a touch screen.

Controls (Mouse/Gamepad/Touchscreen):


Aim Up – S/Left Thumbstick Back

Aim Down – W/Left Thumbstick Up

Aim Right – D/Left Thumbstick Right

Aim Left – D/Left Thumbstick Right


Punch – Mouse Click + Swipe/X Button/Swipe (in direction)


Submit/Confirm/Next – Click/A Button/Tap