Ship Commander is an experimental project to test the feasibility of a aerial/space combat game in Unity.

The Game

The game is set on a primitive map containing a small fighter ship that the player must control to destroy a barrage of ground-located turrets. The controls have been designed to allow for authentic control of the ship, and the flight system has been developed to allow for future upgrades and additions (such as weapon locking, targeting, ship-to-ship combat etc).

The ship can fly, with mounted weapons and an ability to take damage. It also can be destroyed by either the turrets or by crashing into the terrain, creating an authentic physics-based crash with multiple sections coming apart. Particle effects, a user-interface and sound design have also been implemented to further immerse the player. The camera mode can be changed, allowing the player to choose their preferred perspective (directly behind, independent camera rotation etc).

This game is not complete and is in an experimental state.


This game requires Unity web player. To install, please download here: Controls can be found below. NOTE: Due to NPAPI depreciation with Google Chrome (Unity Web Player uses this API), the game may not be playable without re-enabling NPAPI and restarting Chrome. To re-enable NPAPI, enter “chrome://flags/#enable-npapi” into the address bar and click “Enable” under “Enable NPAPI Mac, Windows”.



Source code/project files download. Unity 5.0+ required to build: Download


This game supports the use of an Xbox 360 Gamepad.

Controls (Keyboard/360 pad):


Pitch Up – S/Left Thumbstick Back

Pitch Down – W/Left Thumbstick Up

Roll Clockwise – D/Left Thumbstick Right

Roll Anti-Clockwise – D/Left Thumbstick Right

Yaw Left – Q/Right Thumbstick Left

Yaw Right – E/Right Thumbstick Right


Throttle Up – Left Shift/Right Bumper

Throttle Down – Left CTRL/Left Bumper


Fire Weapon – Left Mouse Button/Right Trigger

Switch Weapon – Mouse Scrollwheel/A Button


Change Camera View – C/Right Thumbstick Click

Rotate Camera Clockwise – E/Right Thumbstick Right

Rotate Camera Anti-Clockwise – Q/Right Thumbstick Left

Zoom Camera (+) – T/Right Thumbstick Up

Zoom Camera (-) – G/Right Thumbstick Down


Restart Game – Enter/Start Button