Confined is an atmospheric exploration/story-based horror game that places the player in a eerie house full of dark and evil spirits. The game was the winner of the Roblox Fall Game Creation Challenge 2014, with the aim of “Scare Us Silly”.

The Game

The player portrays as Luke, as he awakens in what appears to be the hallway of his home. However, all is not as it seems as this house is dark and damp, seeming to contain no essence of life. As the player explores the house, they will unveil Luke’s fate and discover what has happened to his family.

The game was designed to be focused around horror through atmosphere, with a deliberately vague underlying story that the player must piece together.

An official review of the game can be found below, and relevant official blog posts can be found HERE and HERE.



The game can be played at the following link. An installation of Roblox is required to do so however:




Code/Voice Acting – Daniel Stroud

Code/Level Design/Writing – Tyler Eldridge

Level Design – Legoman654 (username)